Selasa, 31 Juli 2012


Life never works out quite the way we want it to. That's my sappy excuse for this failure of a blog. But in the spirit of moving on and ever improving, I am starting fresh and changing direction.
So one thing about me is I'm pretty indecisive, so i try lots of different things, discover I'm terrible at them, and then go back to the things I've always done and loved. So a list of things that I have tried and failed at would be violin, clarinet, art, ballet, gymnastics, photography. So after trying those and many more, I have discovered that my talents lie somewhere else entirely. Where that is exactly, I'm not sure. Yet the one thing that I've always done, and always will do, is write. When there are a million and one things buzzing around in my head, I sit down, take a breath, and write everything down. Seeing the inside workings of my thought process slayed out on a page is pretty daunting, as I usually discover that either I have some very deep disturbing thoughts, or none of any value at all. So in the hope of receiving some kind of feedback, here goes nothing.